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“Migunani Tumraping Liyan”

The prime purpose of life is to be​ beneficial for others,
thus every smallest good deed to​ lift others counts


PT Sembilan Komunikasi Utama (9​ Comm) is​ Indonesia’s leading communications advisory firm committed to specializing in integrated communications solutions.

As a dynamic Public Relations company, we are supported by a dedicated​ team of professionals passionate about their work to help​ organizations to succeed by delivering strategic communications approach​ with​ measurable results through our one-stop communications solutions and services.

Established in 2011, we​ are committed to provide outstanding communications support for both large and small companies from various industry backgrounds in Indonesia. We help companies translate their true potentials into actions and communicate their credibility, while building positive​ relationships/engagement​ with the public, nurture the relationship, then being rewarded with the recognition our client’s company deserves.

9Comm works closely with our clients to assess and formulate the right communications strategies. We work relentlessly to understand and meet our clients’ business objectives and goals. We then further utilize our public relations and media experience in order to formulate the best recommendations for our clients in the best efficient and effective manner.

Drive Our Clients to Get to Where They Want

To become Indonesia’s leading, fully integrated, forward thinking communication advisory firm providing strategic and solutive communications approach that can drive our clients to get to where they want.

Advice ​Clients in Determining The Right Communication​s Strategy

To ​best advice ​Clients in determining the right communication​s strategy ​and tactical public relations framework by creating a powerful, omni channel communication​s approach through extra-mile and systematic execution to best meet our clients’ communication​s objectives, leverage brand positioning, as well as reputation while supporting our Clients​’ overall business growth.


Our objective is to assist you to get where you want to be through our Communications​ Optimizing Services and innovative solutions with passion to drive change within our industry and directly impact our clients’ bottom lines.

Our top priority is to use all the expertise and resources available as a way to ensure our clients achieve the desired result. We accomplish this through our years of experience as well as our extensive resources and services for communication in Indonesia.

We adopt our clients’ goals and philosophies, utilize more than a decade of experience into the sphere of public and media as well as government relations and applies globally created strategies that are executed locally.

Kun Wina, CEO Ninecomm
“Building on this solid foundation, we are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations, setting new industry benchmarks, bringing happiness to end customers and ultimately contribute to the society at large.”
Logo Ninecomm


Located at the heart of South Jakarta, 9Comm has a proven track record in the delivery of fresh solutions to your organization’s communication challenges. Collaborate with us to manage your next communication strategies and campaigns. It makes all the difference.

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Jl. Warung Buncit No.24, Jakarta Selatan




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